5 Secrets To Good Sex Nobody Has Ever Taught You


You are never too old to learn new tricks. The art of making love is supposedly one of the most beautiful and enjoyable acts someone can perform. In this article, we will reveal new practical ways to help couples have more stimulation and gratifying sex.

  1. Good sex is planned

Being conscious of what’s next especially sex, will give you chills and can excite you in the right way.

  1. Good sex involves action by both of the partners

Talking about your desires in bed is important for doing it right. Often the unsatisfied partner keeps its complaints because he/she doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of the other partner. However, you should avoid talking about your exes and previous experiences or experiments. Try to tell your partner what moves you sexually, fantasies, dreams etc. Everyone has unique fantasies, tastes, and preferences when it comes to sex. From earlobes to ankles, hairline to hips, pirates to picnics, don’t be afraid to talk about them. If you and your partner know about each other’s turn-ons, you can make the most of them.

  1. Good sex is relaxed

The more you think about something the more you enable yourself to worry, fret and stress about it. Don’t over-plan anything; massage can help you have very sensual sex. As part of foreplay, it’s a great way to start things off slowly and relax into the feel of each other’s skin as your arousal intensifies. Don’t go from one position, speed, depth to another.

  1. Don’t talk about your sex life to everybody; it’s your private thing.

Some opinions like this one: orgasm counts only if you experience it in the same moment with your partner. And others like:  you necessarily need to have an eye contact can discourage those who want “doggy style” type of sex. Your orgasms and everything else you feel during sex is your thing. If you want to close your eyes and bite the pillow because you will experience the most intense peak, it’s your thing – just do it.

  1. Have sex frequently

Frequent sex confers several benefits, improving chances of conception and helping bond partners together in relationships that facilitate child-rearing. Sexual attraction and sexual compatibility are the bases of many successful relationships.



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