You’ll Never Go To Bed Without Putting A Lemon Peel On Your Heel Again After Reading This

lemon peel

All we get from every winter each year is cracked, dry heels and skin.
And all we have to deal with before summer are those health and beauty problems. Being unable to wear open shoes, high heels and feeling uncomfortable can be a real issue for someone’s confidence. So, in order to remove the dryness, we buy expensive creams, stones, that take away our time, patience, and money. Moreover, without giving any positive and visible improvements.

Hence, the best remedy is to go for what you already own in your home – a lemon peel.

Choose a lemon that is equal or bigger than your heel, and squeeze it to prepare a detox lemonade. The rest of the lemon, the lemon peel can be used to repair the heel skin.

Put half of the peel on your heel and try to cover the roughest parts. When you position it correctly, put your socks on in order to keep the peel in place. The compounds in lemons will help remove all the hard, stubborn skin, and you’ll see that your heels are becoming softer.

Let the peel work for one hour. And if you can, sleep the night with the peel and the sock.
Maybe this sounds unbelievable but the results are really surprising.

Only after a single treatment, your will notice that your heels will turn softer, all cracked parts will disappear and, after applying a cream, it will look as if you got a pedicure!

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