Cancer Was Cured By This Brilliant Man In 1934, Then He Was Killed


We are all aware of how much profit the pharmaceutical industry makes out of those quazi disease cures. They claim that there is no cure for cancer but they are actually hiding it, so that they can continue to make millions of dollars from the fake medicine. If you look at this way, you will see much humanity has left and what have people actually become. They are greedy, they are selfish, cold hearted etc. In fact, every single year millions of people go on walks, hikes and facilitate fund raisers under the banner of “looking for a cure”.

Before 8 decades ago, the man in the image above, Dr. Raymond Rife, has developed a cure for cancer, but his discovery was unfortunately hidden and destroyed.

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife was born in 1888 and contributed a great deal of his brilliance toward the field of science, when he invented the first, and currently still the most powerful universal microscope which had a magnification of 60,000 times the normal size and a resolution of 31,000 times that of the normal rate.

He was one of the first persons to observe living viruses by this microscope, that was not like the microscopes today. Because it did not kill the organism while being watched, nowadays microscopes kill the organisms and they cannot be examined. He found a way to identify the organisms by their Mortal Oscillatory Rates. Each organism has a certain signature frequency at which they vibrate, and what Rife did was develop a technology that was able to reproduce these MOR’s and kill the organisms (cancer).

Furthermore, in 1934, they conducted an experiment with 16 patients from a hospital in San Diego, they were moved in apartments on the Scripps estate at La Jolla, California. And Dr. Rife used this method to cure them from cancer; some patients needed only 90days of this treatment. And some of them needed a little more. But the fact is that they were cancer free finally!

That same year Dr. Milbank Johnson was to publicly bear witness to the results of Rife’s cancer therapy but was lethally poisoned and his documents mysteriously vanished. Shortly after, Rife’s laboratories were set on fire and destroyed. Similarly, Dr.Nemes who scientifically corroborated some of Rife’s work was killed in an “unexpected” fire along with his papers. Rife himself was killed by the fatal combination of Valium and alcohol in 1971 whilst at the Grossmont Hospital. The AMA also embarked on a campaign of character assassination and for many years, nothing was ever heard of Rife again.

See more about this case and discovery in the video below:

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