Here’s How Easily to Lose Weight in Every Part of Your Body !


We all gain weight at some point of our lives. Since we all process food differently, that is we all have more fat in different parts of our body. Find out how to lose weight in each part!

  • Upper body
    The wrong diet and lack of exercise are the main causes of adipose tissue which mostly accumulates in the abdomen, back, shoulders, chest, and arms up to the elbow. If you want to solve this problem you must modify your diet and increase activity. Pay attention to calories and enter 1000 calories less than before. Begin with 30 minutes of exercise and gradually increase to one hour. Include cardio and exercises for the upper body, such as push-ups, sit-ups, pull-up windows, updates, etc…
  • Area around the abdomen form the navel and lumbar back
    If you have fat in the abdomen, than your nervous system is disturbed. Because of the nervousness it comes to high production of the hormone cortisol and the adipose tissue is formed in the stomach. To avoid this situation, try to eat healthy with a lot of vitamins, minerals, foods with lots of fiber. Also yoga and pilates are very helpful in stress reduction. If your stomach is constantly bloated (without the presence of the fat on the back), it may be due to excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Area of the abdomen, chest and the entire back
    If the fat piles up mainly on the abdomen area it is a sign that you are not physically active and a sign of poor eating habits such as skipping meals or overeating. Try to eat five moderate servings a day, eat smaller and healthier portions with low calorie food. In addition, be more physically active, walk, swim and practice back exercises and exercises for the abdomen.
  • Area around the abdomen, thighs and buttocks
    Women have the biggest problems with fat around the thighs. It happens due to inactivity. A clear sign that you need to be more physically active. Great exercise will be rounded training and cycling.
  • Area around the abdomen, buttocks and whole legs
    The fat tissue that occupies the lower part of the body including the calves and ankles is usually a result of pregnancy. For this problem use the same tips from number 4, i.e. for the stomach area, thighs, and buttocks.
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