How to Help Baby Sleep Problems with a Natural Tip

One Tip to Help your Baby Sleep

Are baby sleep problems overtaking your life? I can relate. Like REALLY relate.

Around 4 months into being a brand new (exhausted) mama, my son still wasn’t sleeping through the night. I thought that was rough…then things got really ugly. He started waking from naps after only sleeping for 20 minutes. Night wakings increased and he wasn’t anywhere near being on a schedule, despite my constant efforts.

Every single attempt at helping him sleep turned into a battle. We tried every sleep training method we could find with no sign of improvement. Everything we did to help our baby sleep just seemed to make him mad.

I vividly remember our routine:

We rocked him until our arms went numb, tiptoed at the slowest pace imaginable to his crib, lowered him like a live wire bomb, and slid our hand away at snail speed while praying earnestly that he wouldn’t wake up. Most of the time he did…at least by the time we inched to the door and silently pulled the padding-covered latch closed. Back to the crib, patting and hushing until our backs ached, eventually repeating the entire process. This was every nap during the day and multiple times throughout the night…for almost A YEAR.

We were frustrated, confused, and completely exhausted. We felt like we were being held hostage in our own home by our own beloved baby.


I spent many of those sleepless hours holding him so at least HE would get some kind of sleep. Staring at my dimly-lit phone screen I researched ANY help I could find. And believe me, we tried it all…

  • baths
  • oils
  • massages
  • nursing to sleep
  • diet changes
  • shushing
  • letting him cry
  • rushing in
  • routines
  • swaddles
  • car rides
  • strolls
  • early bedtimes
  • late bedtimes
  • classic sleep training
  • new methods
  • doctor’s visits

You. Name. It.

Help my baby sleep. Please!

I still remember the night I stumbled upon something new. It was some kind of balm that you could rub on baby’s chest or feet and it supposedly helped them sleep.

Hmm. I was skeptical.

I didn’t want to put money into some product on the off-chance that this time something would actually help.

The next night I saw it again. I started reading Facebook reviews and thought, “Huh…It sounds like a lot of these people went through similar situations…and this stuff helped…a lot.” Because I’d be sitting holding my finally-asleep baby for another hour at least, I continued reading. I probably read every single review on their website, plus countless Facebook reviews.

The next day I talked to my husband and we decided it was worth a shot. We couldn’t keep going the way things were. So we ordered it.

Wink Naturals PureSleep and Breathe

Guys…this stuff changed our life. That might sound dramatic, but after living through an out-of-control waking nightmare for 11 months, something life-changing is exactly what we needed.

Within a week or so of putting this rub on our son at bedtime, he started to fight sleep a little less. Then a little less and a little less. It was SUCH a sweet relief to be able to cuddle with him before bed without him screaming.

After using this consistently, we saw significant improvement in our son’s sleep! Then, he FINALLY slept through the night for the first time! I couldn’t believe it.

(Now, I fully remember thinking “No, I need something that works instantly. I need to sleep TONIGHT.” I feel you. But I regretted every day that I put off trying this stuff. Honestly, there are no truly instant solutions and a week from now you’ll be wishing you had just ordered this stuff because it could be helping by now!)

My favorite thing about this baby sleep rub is that it’s all natural and super gentle. It also smells amazing and it only takes a tad at a time to use.

And this company is incredible. I normally don’t show a lot of loyalty to companies. I’m strictly an “Ok, who has the best price this time?” kind of gal. But Wink Naturals has won me over.

Every single time we have ordered from them, they’ve made me feel like they value my family and our sleep. They are genuine. We even get little notes and stickers from them! How cute are they? We love them so much that now we are even trying their Adult Zen Sleep Melts for my husband’s sleep problems. And as you can read here, I lovvve their teething gel too.

I promise I’m not exaggerating. If our newest little boy isn’t sleeping well by 2 months, this sleep rub will be my FIRST go-to.

Baby sleep is one of the hardest parts of having a baby! If your baby won't sleep during naps, won't sleep in the crib or won't sleep through the night, these great tips could help. Sometimes sleep training or baby sleep schedules aren't enough, especially after a sleep regression. We tried EVERYTHING and this was the ONLY thing that made a difference. Read my story for ideas on how to help your baby sleep better too...

Finally Sleep

If you are experiencing even a little version of what we went through, you gotta try this stuff. At least go check it out for yourself. I recommend it to all of my new mama friends.

You might be hesitant about putting money towards a product, I totallllly get that. That’s me with everything. We penny-pinch in our home and try to be really wise stewards of our money. Even so, I don’t regret a single cent we’ve put towards helping our boy sleep in the last year. This sleep rub is worth it.

And the best part is it’s not expensive, especially with the discount for signing up for their auto-shipping, which just really makes life easier. If you are ready to see some change in your little one’s sleep, try this stuff. You’ll love it.

I sincerely hope that you find some relief asap. Truly, I understand what you’re going through. I know that just having someone understand won’t fix things…but I hope it helps. Things will get better. You can do this. You’re a good mama, Mama.

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