Husband Admits To His Wife To Sleeping With Her Sister. The Wife`s Response Is The Best Thing You`ve Ever Read!


A man wrote his wife a letter, admitting to sleeping with her sister. It would have probable made you mad reading it, but wait until you see how she responded. Here are the two letters!

“Dear Wife,

This letter is to tell you that I`m leaving you for good. For the last 7 years I`ve been a good man and husband, but I have nothing to show for it. These two weeks were a real nightmare, and the last straw was a call from your boss, telling me you quit your job.

Few days ago, you came from work, without even noticing my new haircut, my new pair of silk boxer and your favorite meal that I`ve prepared for you.

You finished with dinner in 3 minutes, watched all your soaps, and went to sleep. You stopped telling me you love me, we never have sex or any intimacy. You probably don`t love me anymore or you are cheating on me. Either way, I`m leaving you forever.

Your ex-husband.

P.S. Don`t look for me.I`m moving to West Virginia with your sister!”


The thing is the wife had a bad surprise for him. Her shocking response was:

“Dear ex-husband,

Your letter made my day. One thing is true- that we`ve been married for 7 years, but you were far from a good man and husband. I watch all those soaps to get distracted from your constant griping and whining, however, it did not work. I sure did notice your new haircut, but didn`t want to say anything because it made you look like a little girl. And my mother raised me with the motto “If you don`t have anything nice to say, don`t say anything at all.” About my favorite meal, you must have confused me with my sister, since I stopped eating pork when we got married.

Now, about those silk boxer: I couldn`t look at you because the price tag was still on, showing me you`ve spent 49.99 dollars on them. I hoped it was a pure coincidence that my sister borrowed 50 dollars from me that day. Despite all this, I still loved you, and hoped we could work things out.

I quit my job because I won 10 million dollars on the lottery, and bought 2 tickets for Jamaica, for both of us. But when I got home you were gone. I guess things happen for a reason. My lawyer told me your letter will be used in court so that you won`t get a penny from me.

Take care and have a fulfilling life, the one you`ve always dreamed of.

Your ex-wife, free and rich as hell!

P.S. You probably didn`t know this, it was a family secret, but my sister Carla was actually born as Carl. Hope this won`t change your love for “her”.”



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