Mother Placed Onion In The Bed Of Her Baby- The Reason Will Amaze You!


Any and all fibrous non-leafy usually green vegetables that steam well and emit a distinctive, offensive- to- some odor, probably contain considerable amounts of sulfur and can be called sulfur-rich and onion is one of them.

This mother knew the benefits of the onion and found a perfect way to use it for her baby. In order to explain why we are going to tell you the benefits of this onion usage method:

  1. Sinus Infection

Cut the onion into small pieces, put it in a pan and lean over the head to breathe the air from it. Your nose will be clean and you will breathe normally.

  1. A cough

Instead of syrups and pharmaceutical medication, you can use the onion as a natural treatment.

  1. Nausea

Nausea will be gone if you use a half onion on each half in the armpits.

  1. Ear infection

Sleeping with an onion in your ear? Doesn’t sound good and comfortable, but nonetheless, it will make the ear infection and pains go away.

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