This One Ingredient From Your Kitchen Will Cure Hemorrhoids In 24 Hours!

The ingredient we are talking about is apple cider vinegar. We all know that this simple house ingredient has multi purposes that we cannot even list them all. However, other than treating various health diseases, apple cider vinegar is beneficial for eliminating hemorrhoids.
The next process is efficient in handling both internal and external hemorrhoids and bleeding hemorrhoids. The bleeding will be ended fast if you use this approach.

the instructions are easy and simple: you need to soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place it on the visible hemorrhoids. Press the cotton ball on the affected area for minutes. Do the above-explained treatment each day if necessary. For the internal hemorrhoids, you should put apple cider vinegar in the fridge and let it freeze then use it to push the cube into your anus. Consume soft food and a lot of water during this treatment, although the results will be visible within a day.

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