Sleeping Can Cause Heart Attack And Stroke- Here’s How To Prevent It!


Of all the reasons to get a solid night’s sleep, guarding your heart might not be top of mind. As we all thought six to eight hours per night shows to be the optimal quantity of sleep for most adults, and sleep deficiency or sufficiency can produce opposing effects on your health. Loss of  sleep is a continuous occurrence nowadays that we don’t even realize we suffer from it. People who don’t sleep enough are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease—regardless of age, weight, smoking and exercise habits.

Experts have now discovered that a sleep deficiency can have serious, far-reaching effects on your health. Furthermore, interrupted or impaired sleep is connected to several health problems such as:

  1. If you catch every cold and flu that’s going around, it means that due your sleep deprivation your immune system is unable to fend off bugs and germs.
  2. Stimulate tumor growth.
  3. It can negatively influence both short-term and long-term memory.
  4. Sleep deprivation is a root of pre-diabetic state, you’ll feel hungry even if you’ve just eaten, leading to weight gain and diabetes. Over time, this can lead to higher blood pressure during the day and a greater chance of cardiovascular problems.

Now, the specialist’s studies also prove that sleep is vital for a healthy heart. One study that analyzed data from 3,000 adults over the age of 45 affirmed that those who slept less than six hours per night were approximately twice as prone to have a stroke or heart attack as the people who slept six to eight hours per night.

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