The Biggest Family In The World: Indian Man Has 39 Wives, 94 Children And 33 Grandchildren, Living Under One Roof!


The world record of the biggest family in the world is held by an Indian man living in Mizoram. He has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren, living happily under the same roof. They live in a mountain village near the Bangladesh-Burma border, in a 4-store building.

His name is Ziona Chana. As he has stated: “I married 10 women in on single year”. His sons, along with the wives and all of their children live in the same building. They have different bedrooms and a common kitchen for all of the families.

The whole building has around 100 rooms, and it`s located in the Baktwand village in Mizoram. The wives of the head of family live in one dormitory.

The whole family, consisted of 167 persons, consume about 90 kilograms of rice and 60 kilograms of potatoes a day during the vegetarian days, plus 30 whole chickens for dinner in other days.

The wives are responsible for the cooking, and the daughters clean and wash. The male part of the family is responsible for farming and all the other outdoor activities.

Ziona says that he is ready for another marriage, since he can afford one more wife. He thanks God for all the members of his family, he can take care for.

The younger women are closest to his bedroom, while the older ones are further away. They have developed a rotation system to visit his bedroom.

When he was only 17 he met his first wife. He is the leader of a local Christian sect called after him, the “Chana”, which allows polygamy. It was formed in 1942, they all believe in the Jesus Christ return. They consider ruling the world with their families.



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