The marriage line on your palm will tell you when you will get married


The art of reading your future from your hand is called palmistry or chiromancy. The different lines, shapes, markings and mounts on your palms and fingers can tell you how long you`ll live, or even at what age you`ll get married.

Where are the marriage lines on your palm?

The marriage lines, also called lines of union, can be found on the area of the palm called “the mount of mercury”- from the outer part of the hand to the area under the little finger. Don`t be shocked if you find several lines in this area, there can be more than one marriage line.

The union lines don`t actually indicate marriage, it may only be a deeply emotional relationship, that can end up in marriage (or not). A thin line signifies a romance, whereas a deep one indicates deeper emotions and potential union.

How to read from the marriage lines when you will get married? The span from the heart line to the base of the little finger covers the first fifty years of your life. It the marriage line is close to the heart line- it`s very possible that you will get married in early age. When it`s in the middle of the mount- you will wed in mid-twenties. Late twenties or mid-thirties is the period of marriage for those whose line is situated three quarters above the mount of mercury.

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