This Man Is Burning Coffee Grounds In The Backyard. See The Reason Why- It`s Genius!


The first association of summer can be mosquitoes. They are so annoying, difficult to get rid of, plus they transmit allergies and viruses like Zika.

The commercial repellents are only created to draw money from you, most of them don`t work and they contain compounds which are dangerous for humans, especially if inhaled.

You won`t believe this, but the best natural option for mosquito repellent is coffee grounds. It works for many other insects as well.

When the grounds are burnt, they create a very intense smell which annoys insect and keeps them far away.

You can use fresh or used coffee grounds, just put them in a bowl and cover them with aluminum foil. Place the bowl in some cool and dark place, until they get completely dry.

Put the dried grounds on some flat area outside (in the bowl or on a foil) and burn them, like you do with incense sticks. You can do this inside as well, just open the windows.

In case there are too many mosquitoes, add some fresh bay leaf and burn it together with the coffee grounds.

For waste spaces, or windy weather, put at least 5 bowls everywhere around, to cover the whole area.

This mosquito-repellent technique is cheap, ecological and free of harmful chemicals.

Check the video below to see how the trick works in action:


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