WARNING : Ladies, Here’s What Your Period Can Tell You about Your Overall Health!


Menstruation can be a very important gauge of health. In eastern medicine, menstruation colour and consistency is often considered with determining health and fertility.  You menstrual cycle can give you some warning signals of serious diseases in the entire body, that’s why we should pay attention to the following things:


Light pink period blood

If you use oral contraceptives, the emergence of bright blood is common. But, if you do not take birth control pills and the blood is very light, you might suffer from a possible hormonal imbalance which can have serious consequences. Visit endocrinologist!


Cramps and long cycles must be reported immediately to your gynecologist

Many believe that the severe pain during the cycle something completely normal. But they are wrong! Women often believe that they have to endure the intense cramps, but that’s a myth.

Possible pregnancy

If your period is late or absent, it is usually a sign of pregnancy. But, if the pregnancy test is negative, consult your physician. The absence of menstruation may indicate some disorder in the body. It could be on the development of insulin resistance or diabetes.

Sudden bleeding may indicate polyps in the cervix or the uterus

When the cycle is completely normal, but you experience between cycles bleeding, the causes can be very serious. If you are taking birth control pills, this is normal. Otherwise, it may be the result of high levels of estrogen in the body, and even the first sign of cancer.


Is the blood very red, like cranberries? Then everything is fine!

Bright red blood is often an indication of a healthy uterus and a good diet. Remember that the menstrual blood makes the lining of the uterus, and a bright red hue of blood is ideal.  This colour of blood may also be indicative of good iron stores.

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