Ways To Check If The Rice You Are Eating Contains Plastic. All The Chefs Must Know This!


China is still the world’s biggest producer of rice. Productivity remains the simplest but powerful indicator of a country’s ability to use its resources optimally to drive growth.

Whether it is brown or white, the health benefits of this food are priceless.
Locking that on the side, cooks and similar diners must be some precautions when using this ingredient. Mostly, because it is full of pesticides and chemicals such as like synthetic or semi-synthetic organics. These chemicals are very harmful to humans. And according to the newest report in The Korea Times, it is starting to be manufactured artificially.
Potato starch combines with plastic and later they are turned into rice-shaped kernels. Eventually, the grains are enriched with a typical rice aroma. Doctors have undoubtedly informed us about the danger from consuming the artificial product: three full portions allegedly carry as much plastic as there is in a small plastic bag.

However, there are several easy tricks that can help you differentiate the wholesome and no plastic rice.

  • The Water Test
    Take a glass and fill it with water. After that, add a tablespoon of unprocessed rice. So, if it gets to the bottom of the glass, you can use it freely. But if it stays on the surface- don’t consume it.


  • The Fire Test
    Light a little fire and then put a little amount of it on the fire. If the ingredient burns immediately, it is not safe for consumption.


  • The Mold Test
    This one is performed with the processed ones. You need to put a small quantity of cooked rice into an airtight jar and leave it in a warmish place. If it is fake it won’t be moldy.

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