When You Wake Up Late To Go To The Bathroom, Keep One Eye Closed For This Reason I Never Knew


Your body works from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day. It needs rest, and it gets it while you sleep.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your body rested:

  1. Close one eye

Keep the other eye closed while walking to the toilet, because when you get in bed again, you will be asleep in a few seconds.

  1. Pull on your ear

If you are experiencing a light headache, here’s the tip that will make it go away. Just take your ear between your thumb and forefinger and pull slowly up and down. How does it work? It lets go of the fresh fluid to the brain so it could get some extra nourishment.

  1. Swallowing pills tip

If you are having trouble swallowing the pills, place your hair in front and when you need to take the pill, push your hair back and it will swallow by itself.

  1. Thaw your brain

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and feel how you are relaxing and headache be gone!

  1. Stop crying

You can make tears go away by looking at different points in the room, and you can start thinking about something happier.

  1. Roll your head

Shaking up or rolling your head from side to side helps you get rid of the pricks and needles that you usually get when you sit in one position too long.

  1. Stop the hiccups

First, block off all airways by putting fingers in your ears and blocking your nostrils. Then, take a sip or two of water from a glass. It is possible to do this alone (looks a bit silly – but is possible) but you may find it easier with an assistant.

  1. Needles are not so bad.

Distract yourself with something, this trick always works.

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