You Are Throwing These Things In The Garbage, But When You See What They Do, You Will Never Think Of Throwing Them Away!


When you buy some new product, like a pair of shoes, you find a silicone gel bag in the box. People say that they are useless, even toxic, but this can`t get further from the truth.

It`s true that they should not be consumed because of the silicon dioxide they contain, but they are very useful to have them around the house for many different purpose. So the next time you buy something, keep the silicone gel bag, containing light yellow or white granules.

The silica gel bags are harmless, used only to maintain freshness. They are meant to keep away the moisture from damaging the product during storage.

Here are a few great home uses of silica gel bags:

  1. They can save the cell phone: In case you drop the phone in water, just put a few of silica gel bags around it and it will dry up in no time, because the silicon dioxide absorbs the water. This way, you can use your phone again without any problem.
  2. Put them between the clean clothes: Silica gel bags in the wardrobe will maintain the fresh smells of the clothed longer. The silicon dioxide will prevent moisture from spreading.
  3. Put a few in your training bag: Training bags absorb the moisture from our wet clothes, allowing bacteria to develop and spread in this humid environment. Silica gel bags will absorb that moisture, leaving the bag clean and free of bad odor and bacteria.
  4. Save your cosmetic products: If you want your cosmetic products to last longer, you need to save them from moisture- just add a silica gel bag in the make-up case, and the problem is solved.

All of these benefits from silica gel bags will make you think again the new time you buy something new and reach to throw them away. You may need them sooner or later!

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